First Step Program

Application Instructions

Thank you for your interest in First Step by CollegeInvest. Because we receive birth and adoption records monthly from the State of Colorado, the earliest you are eligible to apply is the 15th of the month following your child’s birth or adoption date. For example, if your child was born or adopted in the month of February, please wait until after March 15th to apply online. As a reminder, only the child’s parent or legal guardian is eligible to complete the application for this program.

If you are active military with residence in Colorado, and your child was born outside of Colorado on or after January 1, 2020, you are still eligible for First Step. Please send an email to requesting assistance in processing your First Step award.

If you adopted a child in Colorado that was born on or after January 1, 2020, please send an email to requesting assistance in processing your First Step award.

The following is a checklist of items you will need to complete your application:

  1. The State File Number located on the birth certificate
  2. Your CollegeInvest account number (You must be parent/guardian as the account owner with the child listed as the beneficiary)
    1. Note: If you do not already have a CollegeInvest account, you can open one today at no cost to you. Visit

Everyone who claims a First Step award will also have a portion of their future contributions matched. The details of the match will be posted each year on our website. Go to to learn more about First Step’s savings incentive plan.

Congratulations on taking the first step towards achieving your child’s higher education goals!

For questions, call CollegeInvest Customer Service at (800) 448-2424 or email